Message from the President

重松久美夫 写真

Representative Director and President


Established in 1950, Chubu Steel Plate has been making steel plate consistently as the first steel plate mill in Tokai region, for more than sixty years.

Taking advantage of steel producing by Electric Arc Furnace(EAF), we are serving our customers’ needs with three key competencies: small-lot production, various products and short-time delivery.

We have developed technology for a long time to create high-quality products and original products like Steel Plate with Improved Machinability and Steel Plate for Laser-Cutting. We are highly reputed to be consistent supplier and reliable Japanese unique manufacturer specialized in steel plate.


Our facilities including 200 tons EAF, one of the largest EAF in Japan are compactly concentrated together in our plant in the town area. As Continuous Caster(CC) was equipped, our production line was improved to more compact production line, which led to Direct Hot Charge Rolling(DHCR). This unique manufacturing process contributes to efficient production. Considering our location, we actively contribute to conservation of the environment.


Chubu Steel Plate aims to become sustainable company with more than 100 years of history. Going forward, we continue to establish our market presence as unique steelmaker specialized in steel plate based on the concept of becoming the most trustworthy company.

We also strive to improve our organizational structure, compliance and risk management system to ensure fairness and transparency. Maintaining a high standard of compliance is crucial to improve business performance and build trust in society. I sincerely hope for your support and understanding for many years to come.

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