Environmental Stewardship

Environmental initiatives

According to environmental affairs policy, Chubu Steel Plate defines three main strategies to focus on.

Contribute to circular economy


Promote 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse Recycle)

  • We recycle steel scrap through Electric Arc Furnace steel-making process.
  • Not only we are committed to reduce by-products emissions in manufacturing process, we work to reduce cost by changing them into usable materials. Our appropriate treatment is able to make by-products into resources.

Improve sustainable initiatives and compliance


Apply Environmental Management System(EMS) effectively and obey environmental laws and regulations

  • Implementing PDCA cycle based on ISO14001, we handle environmental issues together and aim for upgrading management system.
  • In addition to taking measures to reduce pollution such as gas/water emission, noise and vibration, we enhance environmental monitoring system to improve compliance.

Reduce impact on environment and co-develop with local community


Promote energy-saving, reduce CO2 emissions and communicate with local community

  • By introducing highly effective up-to-date facilities like dust collector and photovoltaic solar panels, we are committed to eco-friendly initiatives across the company. We consistently check energy-saving activities in all divisions to raise awareness among our members about sustainablity.
  • We communicate with neighborhoods through holding plant tours, and regularly take part in cleaning activities for local area to co-develop with communities.

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