Environmental Stewardship

Our Policy

Corporate Principle

環境方針への取り組み 写真

Based on our corporate philosophy ‘work to create new social value from steel making through recycling resource’, Chubu Steel Plate, as eco-friendly corporate considerate of people, actively works to protect environment and contribute to sustainable development in society.

Environmental affairs guideline

1. We contribute to circular economy by consistently providing sustainable high-quality steel plates which are produced through 3R-based manufacturing process.

2. Realizing corporate social responsibility, we work to improve not only environmental performance and compliance but
also environment consistently, through setting sustainability goal for all divisions.

3. As steel works located in town area, we always consider environmental impact of our business on society. We are consistently committed to saving energy and resource in our operations and improving facilities. Raising awareness of environmental responsibility, we aim to co-develop with local community.

Chubu Steel Plate Co., Ltd.

Chief Environmental Officer, Kumio Shigematsu

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