Recycling with the largest
200ton EAF

Chubu Steel Plate, leading company for resource recycling in steel business, is Electric Arc Furnace(EAF) steel maker specialized for steel plate manufacturing. We effectively recycle steel scrap as main material, while producing steel plate.

Our 200ton EAF, one of the largest EAFs in Japan that is able to melt large steel scrap, plays the key role in manufacturing process.

Chubu Steel Plate`s unique processing line

Chubu Steel Plate has unique DHCR(Direct Hot Charge Rolling) production line in which steel-making process and steel rolling process are directly connected with each other. This compact production line contributes to energy-saving and low-cost manufacturing.

It takes about 8 hours, which is considerably short work period, to produce steel plate after melting steel scrap. Our flexible manufacturing process is able to manage small-lot production order, and enables stable supply by short-time delivery.

Steel Making

Steel scrap is made into semi product, so-called slab, through the following Steel-Making process.

  • Melt steel scrap in EAF(shown in upper-right picture), and adjust components of molten steel in Ladle Furnace(shown in the center picture on the right).
  • After cooling and solidifying molten steel by water in Continuous Caster(CC) (shown in lower-right picture), slab is cut into specific size.

Sort steel scrap and adjust chemical composition of alloys. Our refining in Steel-Making process controls amounts of elements in steel, to produce high-quality steel plate.

Steel Rolling

In the Steel-Rolling process, we

  • Heat the slab carried from steel making shop, in the reheating furnace (shown in upper-left picture)
  • …and roll slab by specific size of final product, in Rolling Mill(shown in lower-left picture).

Cool down the rolled steel plate. After finishing work in processing line, steel plate becomes final product.

By controlling the rolling temperature and load, it is able to control strength of steel plate.

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